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Tenant Credit Report w/ FICO Score (Instant)
Provides an instant, online tenant credit report with FICO score for tenant screening purposes. Property management companies, landlords, apartment managers and individual investors can utilize this tenant credit check to screen potential tenants. This tenant credit report offers a FICO credit risk score, which offers valuable insight into a potential tenant's financial responsibility. The best indicator of a tenant's future behavior is their past behavior, and the instant tenant screening credit report is an excellent source for this information.

* Please note that all 3 credit bureaus now require an on-site inspection prior to new clients ordering credit reports. We conduct on-site inspections nationwide and can normally have this completed within 48 hours. If you need to start ordering credit reports immediately, we can run the credit reports and provide you with a "credit summary" with a "pass", "nuetral" or "fail" rating based on your requirements. However, until the on-site inspection is complete, we are unable to provide you with the actual report or disclose the applicant's FICO score.